A Note from the Founder: Six Essential Self-Care Reminders for Motherhood

A Note from the Founder: Six Essential Self-Care Reminders for Motherhood

In honour of my very first year celebrating Mother’s Day as Hunter’s mama, I’m sharing my list of the top Motherhood Essentials. A curated list of all the things you've forgotten you need, the things you often daydream about, the connections you crave and the products guaranteed to make you look and feel a little more human and seriously radiant. 

It is a little bittersweet celebrating my first Mother’s Day. For many years, this day represented so much sadness, for me, my desire to be a mother was hit with trauma, loss and feelings of emptiness. So to be here now, on one hand I feel so incredibly grateful to be finally celebrating with my beautiful rainbow baby, on the other hand my heart truly breaks for those that are still wishing for their happily ever after.

Whether you’re deep in the trenches of the newborn bubble or chasing your toddler (or teenager) around all day long, this is the list for you. It’s time to take care of you, mama.

Prioritise Self Care 
Amongst the beautiful chaos that is motherhood, we often forget to prioritise our own self-care needs. So book an at home massage, schedule in a monthly pedicure and coffee date with your bestfriend or simply soak in a bath with a calming herbal tea. This idea of pushing “self care” as a luxury doesn’t sit right with me in many ways, as some of these are basic needs that we all deserve and need. The key takeaway here is to try and take the time to be conscious about taking time for moments just for you, and while you do, remind yourself of the incredible work you do each and every day. 

Food is Fuel 
This one is for all mums. It's so vital we consume nourishing meals to support our own energy levels. Keeping meals on hand in the freezer was such an important thing for me in my postpartum period, it saved us time, energy and allowed us to rest and replenish as much as possible. But it doesn’t stop there, the gift of food for any parent is one of the best gifts you can give and receive in my opinion. So chat with your group of friends and start a meal train.    

Create Connections
Join a local mothers group. Trust me, you’d be surprised about how refreshing (and relatable) it is to speak to parents going through the same journey as you! While I have not always been able to meet up in person, having a group of women there to be your support team, at all hours of the day, has been so vital in my motherhood journey. 

Nourish from Within
It’s time to incorporate the Advanced Skin + Gut Health Collagen Elixir into your routine. It's effective and effortless with just one sachet per day and four delicious flavours to choose from. For the new mamas, this Elixir will help support postpartum hair loss and to give you a much needed boost of hydration and glow.

Your Beauty Must-Have
Introduce the Hydrating Sleep Mask into your evening routine. I know, adding another product into your daily routine sounds like more effort than it's worth, but I promise, you’ll wake up looking like you’ve had eight hours of uninterrupted sleep (a mama can dream, right?) with dewy, hydrated skin. It’s your simple evening radiance ritual, sorted. 

Simple Sleep Routine 
Reduce your screen time in the evening (despite the desire to scroll through all of the photos you’ve taken of your tiny human each day), add a calming herbal tea and some essential oils to your evening wind down. The addition of a Copper Infused Pillowcase will help to keep your hair cleaner for longer and your skin glowing (aka, you won’t have to wash your hair as much- a win-win!).

My best advice this Mother’s Day is to cherish each and every moment with your loved ones, embrace the season you’re in and always take care of the incredible women lifting you up.

With love,
Keira xx