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Packaging Practices

Habitual Beauty is committed to pushing the beauty industry forward by investing in future-focused packaging solutions that our team and customers can be proud to stand behind.

All of our packaging is sourced with mother nature in mind and we are working towards a completely circular packaging model that neutralises our environmental impact altogether.

All packaging across the board is 100% recyclable and BPA free.

The Habitual Beauty skincare vessels are 100% Recyclable and/or Biodegradable.
Milestone 1
Facial Oil, Serum, Moisturiser and Sleep Mask vessels are all made from recycled glass, which can be repeatedly recycled without losing its quality or strength. For this reason, we choose glass and post-consumer materials whenever possible to help reduce the quantity of plastic waste created by the beauty industry
Milestone 2
Our Collagen Sachets are recycling friendly, we are always looking at ways to make a bigger difference in our packaging (i.e biodegradable however to keep the shelf life intact, we need to have a thicker barrier making them recycling friendly at this stage.
Milestone 3
Our Habitual Beauty packaging boxes are FSC accredited and 100% recyclable. FSC is the only forest certification system that requires consultation with local Indigenous Peoples with the intention of protecting their rights. The material is also aligned with Responsible Forestry Practices, acid-free and printed with vegetable oil-based ink.
Milestone 4
Our Postage/Shipping boxes used to lovingly deliver your products are again 100% recyclable. Cardboard and paper only, no plastic will be present.
Milestone 5
Our biodegradable packaging in our cleanser bottle revolutionises what happens to the packaging when it goes into waste. Based on extensive testing and independent laboratory trials, this biodegradable packaging will completely deteriorate in landfill in an estimated 6-10 years. Not only will it break down all commercial packaging resins, it also leaves no microplastics behind.