What Is A-Beauty And Why You Need To Know About It
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What Is A-Beauty And Why You Need To Know About It

We dive into what the A-beauty trend is all about, how to identify it on the shelves (and online) and explore the benefits of adding skincare from this beauty category into your routine.

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It’s no secret that natural skincare and clean beauty as a category is on its way up. According to the New York Times, clean beauty, aka skincare that is clean or free from toxic chemicals, is no longer a trend but rather a movement and the ‘way the industry as a whole is headed.’ 

However you may not yet have heard about the new subcategory that’s a little closer to home: A-Beauty. Described by Elle Magazine as a category that embraces the philosophy of "more benefits, less worries" A-Beauty is the latest low fuss skincare approach that Australians are getting behind.

What Is A-Beauty?

A return to our homegrown roots if you will, the term A-Beauty is short-hand for ‘Australian Beauty’ - the latest iteration in the clean beauty skincare category celebrating Australian native skincare.

Infusing native plant-based ingredients with our signature ‘less is more’ laidback Australian attitude, A-Beauty is the polar opposite to K-Beauty (focused on a multi-step skincare routine), instead embracing the concept of high grade skincare with minimal ingredients BUT with multi-use benefits. 

As a brand that fits in this category, Habitual Beauty is proud to be an A-Beauty brand pioneering the way forward in plant based native Australian skincare. We believe that skincare should be simple rather than stressful, and that synthetic ingredients and harsh chemicals only add to the noise and increase skin issues.

Instead, by turning towards mother nature and cultivating skincare that is clean, low-tox and derived from Australian native botanicals, Habitual Beauty embraces the gifts found on home soil and curates products that work in harmony with the body’s natural systems. 

As an A-Beauty brand we’re committed to changing the way skincare is seen and made by embracing the elements of clean beauty and celebrating the best of Australian native botanicals. 

In our products you will never find: sulphates SLS and SLES, parabens, formaldehydes, formaldehyde-releasing agents, phthalates, mineral oil, retinyl palmitate, oxybenzone, coal tar, hydroquinone, triclosan or triclocarban. These are our non-negotiables. 

Habitual Beauty as a brand is constantly learning and researching to stay at the forefront of wellness and skincare innovations that bring real results and are rooted in real radiance. 

What Australian Botanical Ingredients Are In Our Skincare?

Each formula contains different native ingredients to suit the skincare need but as a sneak peek you can expect the following botanicals to be found in our products:

Australian Wild Limes
A combination of three types of Australian limes (Desert Lime, Caviar Lime & Rainforest Lime) this blend provides a rich source of antioxidants and vitamin C - both naturally occurring AHA’s that exfoliate and regenerate the skin for smoother and more even complexion

Try Wild Limes in our Balancing Cleanser.

Australian Kakadu Plum 
A botanical antioxidant considered to be the world’s highest source of vitamin C (we use Superox C), this native ingredient can improve skin radiance, induce skin brightening and reduce the appearance of skin redness and wrinkles.

Try Australian Kakadu Plum in our Hydrating Serum.

Kangaroo Paw Flower Extract
Derived from the native yellow and red flowers, Kangaroo Paw (SKINectura) provides a anti-ageing effect on skin by improving the dermis structure and providing a rapid tensing effect that leads to long lasting reduction in wrinkles and sagging of skin; while also hydrating and brightening.

Try Kangaroo Paw in our Hydrating Serum.

Australian Wild Rosella
A derivative of the hibiscus flower, Australian Wild Rosella fights against dehydration (assisting with the cellular protection mechanisms in skin) while also simultaneously working to increase lipid production and restore the skin's protective barrier.

Try Australian Wild Rosella in our Nourishing Moisturiser.

Where Can I Discover And Buy A-Beauty?

Rather than scouring the internet and hoping the keywords ‘A-Beauty’ return a search, there is now an online home that works as a one stop shop for all categories of Australian Beauty. And the best part? It’s called a-beauty.co and Habitual Beauty is now officially stocked on the site. 

For more on Habitual Beauty’s botanical ingredients see our ingredient glossary here

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