• Clinically proven results: Radiant skin, strong hair and nails + supported gut health.

Clinically proven results
An innovative blend of bioavailable, bioactive and clinically proven ingredients that have been carefully selected to enhance skin radiance, nail and hair strength, support gut health and overall wellness from within.

The Advanced Skin + Gut Health Collagen Elixir is clinically proven to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, boost skin hydration, improve skin elasticity and increase skin firmness.

- Helps reduce free radical damage to support skin tone and texture
- Helps enhance skin regeneration
- Helps enhance skin’s internal structure and strength
- Firms and plumps skin
- Maintains skin integrity
- Boosts skin water content
- Maintains skin moisture levels
- Hydrates and balances dry and dehydrated skin
- Soothes and softens skin
- Strengthens the skin barrier

- Promotes and maintains healthy hair
- Ideal for preventative postpartum hair loss
- Assists in new hair growth during the postpartum period
- Helps to prevent damage to hair follicles
- Helps to reduce thinning of hair

- Promotes nail strength
- Promotes nail growth
- Decreases nail breakage

- Enhances protein, mineral and vitamin absorption
- Aids in digestion
- Helps promote a good gut flora

- Supports healthy blood sugar levels
- Supports immune system health
- Helps relieve inflammation

Why Collagen Elixir

Not all collagen supplements are created equal.

The Advanced Skin + Gut Health Collagen Elixir is a first to market formulation and one of the most advanced skin and gut health supplements on the market. 

The Collagen Elixir was designed to replace the need for a number of different supplements, making your daily dose of beauty, gut health and overall wellness more convenient and affordable. 

It’s a source of high-dose, bioavailable collagen as well as multiple innovative vitamins and minerals, prebiotics, probiotics and postbiotics, digestive enzymes, aminos acids and much more. 

Due to the high amount of bioavailable Hydrolyzed Collagen Peptides (90% absorption rate)  present in our Advanced Skin + Gut Health Collagen Elixir plus the additional 24 active skin enhancing and supportive ingredients, results can be typically seen during the 4-6th week of daily consumption. Our Advanced Skin + Gut Health Collagen Elixir also contains 17 amino acids (including all essentials) to help maintain healthy hair, skin and nails. The combination of Pre/Pro/Postbotics and a 5-Tie Digestive Enzymes ensures supported gut health for assistance with Collagen, Vitamin and Mineral absorption. 

Discover the Collection

FREE from dairy, gluten, soy, GMO's, artifical ingredients.

10,000mg Bioavailable Hydrolyzed Collagen Peptides

1 Billion Bacillus Coagulans CFU Probiotics

All Natural

Contains 17 amino acids including all essential aminos

Fortified with Coenzyme Q10, Hyaluronic Acid, Bamboo Silica

5 Tier Digestive Enzyme Blend

Good source of Dietary Fibre

13 added vitamin and minerals including: Vitamin B complex (B2, B3, B5, B7, B9) Vitamins C, D and E

Less than 1g of sugar

Low Fat

Breastfeeding friendly


Are you new to ingestible beauty, looking to sample a different flavour or discover a new favourite? Our 8-Day Advanced Skin + Gut Health Collagen Elixir Sample Pack has arrived.

The Sample Pack gives you the opportunity to experience all four of our delicious, best-selling flavours. It’s time to revolutionise your beauty and wellness routine with Habitual Beauty's innovative collagen + vitamin supplement.

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    Collagen Elixir Sample Pack
    Collagen Elixir Sample Pack
    Collagen Elixir Sample Pack
    Collagen Elixir Sample Pack
Our Founder

“I’m so proud of this first to market formulation! It was two years in the making and the results truly speak for themselves. Personally, I saw the benefits in my nails first (being a reformed nail biter) – within as little as 2 weeks my nails were stronger, less brittle and growing faster. Shortly after my hair began to grow much quicker, then my skin started looking and feeling more plump and hydrated. I took our Advanced Skin & Gut Health Collagen Elixir throughout my pregnancy and postpartum also resulting in little to no postpartum hair loss! 

I was well aware of the benefits of Collagen thanks to already having a successful beauty food business but I wanted to take it that set up further and truly revolutionise the industry with this full spectrum collagen and vitamin formula. I can’t wait for you redefine your routine and start your radiance journey” - Keira Rumble, Founder


What you say about Advanced Skin + Gut Health Collagen Elixir

Yuzu & Finger Lime

I have tried so many other collagen powders - even bought a brand that had collagen in the product name - only to get it and for it NOT to have collagen in it. The collagen elixir is seriously delicious. With my other supplements, I take them like a chore - with this it is somehting delicious I can add into my day and I am getting compliments everywhere I go about how my skin is looking. Converted for life!

Jill S - Verified Customer
Madagascan Vanilla

Can't believe the difference! Have been taking this religiously for the past 4 weeks and my postpartum hair loss has nearly almost all together stopped. Wish I had been taking this during my pregnancy!!

Sarah J - Verified Customer
Dutch Chocolate

I've been adding this into my daily afternoon coffee and already I'm addicted!So easily blended into my latte, and the flavour is insane!Already noticed my nails are stronger and my skin is less inflamed

Ally - Verified Customer