Our Ethos

Our Philosophy

We combine innovative formulas with the power of ritual, infused with a potent call to slow to help you come back to your whole, beautiful self.

For too long we’ve all been sold unrealistic, unachievable and ultimately shallow standards of beauty. We’ve been sold a mirage of beauty — one that moves as soon as we think we might be nearing it.

And all of this matters. It matters because too many of us feel like failures the moment we look in the mirror, before our days have even set sail.

Habitual Beauty is a call for realignment. We aim to build and celebrate broader definitions of beauty.

It’s never going to be simple, but we want to encourage each of us to shift our lenses, be gentle with ourselves and harsh with the forces that leave us feeling inadequate.

We aim to magnify your power, wholeness and inner radiance every day by creating a ritual of haven in the midst of it all — helping you to find that sense of peace and assurance, as you let the relentless expectations fall away, even if just for a second.