Women In Business Spotlight: Tandia Walsh, MotherSPF
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Women In Business Spotlight: Tandia Walsh, MotherSPF

We sat down with natural beauty Tandia Walsh, the founder of Mother SPF, to find out a little about her life experience and journey to becoming a female founder.

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Women In Business Spotlight: Tandia Walsh, MotherSPF
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We sat down with natural beauty Tandia Walsh, the founder of Mother SPF, to find out a little about her life experience and journey to becoming a female founder.

With a background in science, a childhood spent engulfed in nature and a family illness spotlighting harmful chemicals in everyday products, in 2019, Tandia Walsh created the natural mineral sunscreen brand MOTHER SPF.

Can you please tell us a little bit about yourself and why you started MOTHER SPF.

Growing up in the Kimberly regions of Western Australia, I inherited a passion for preserving the country’s coastlines. I studied marine biology as a result, but it wasn’t until 2016, when my mum was diagnosed with cancer, that you could say I found my “true calling”.

My mum's illness allowed me to discover the hidden toxic ingredients found in our everyday personal care items. I discovered how many sunscreen brands contain chemicals harmful to both the body and the environment. After not being able to find a safe & sustainable SPF, I decided to make my own.

What are some important values you have in both life and business?

Honesty is extremely important to me and the business. I think it’s the Taurus in me! (they typically value honesty above all else). By always choosing to be honest, we can create a more authentic and fulfilling life for ourselves and those around us. 

You will see honesty reflected throughout the brand, with transparency being an important pillar. We list every single ingredient used, where the ingredients are sourced from, where we manufacture and the type of materials used in our packaging.

Behaving ethically and always doing the right thing (even behind closed doors) is something I will always be proud of. I simply would never be able to go against my moral principles, the wrongdoing would eat me alive.

What are your top tips for being sun safe during the harsh summer months in Australia?

Always make sure you are using a sunscreen that is regulated by the Therapeutic Good Administration (TGA). Australia has the toughest sunscreen regulations in the world, and for good reason! Australia has one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world.

A lot of international brands have managed to sneak their SPF products into Australia over the years, whilst they might feel lovely, there is a high chance they have not been tested to the harsh Australian climate and as a result are not providing your skin the best sun protection possible.

To check if your SPF is listed with the TGA, look for the AUST L number on the front of the tube. For example on the front of MOTHERS Face & Body SPF 30 you will see “AUST L 371 275”.

Your favorite MOTHER SPF product and why? (hard we know!)

I think it has to be our Face & Body SPF 30 or maybe I am just blindsighted by the fact it was our very first product and bringing it to market was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. As previously mentioned, sunscreen is regulated by the TGA in Australia and the amount of testing and regulations you have to go through in order to bring an SPF to market is HUGE.

As a female founder, what do you do to unwind and reset when things become chaotic?

When things are chaotic, I will surround myself with nature as much as possible to help me stay grounded. I will always start my day with an ocean swim and end my day with a walk along the coast. I use breathwork as a tool to further help me calm my nervous system. 

To discover MotherSPF and find out more about Tandia, head over to MotherSPF. 

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