Celebrate the Holidays with Collagen Cocktails

As the most wonderful time of the year begins, we’ve prepared a delicious Collagen Margarita recipe to help you unwind, nourish and kick-start the holiday season.

It’s a little bit naughty, but mostly nice with our Advanced Skin + Gut Health Collagen Elixir in Yuzu + Finger Lime flavour as the hero of the recipe, designed to support your wellbeing from within whilst still allowing you to celebrate the festive season with your loved ones in Habitual Beauty style. 

It's time to relax and enjoy a moment of self-care with a Habitual Beauty Collagen Cocktail. 

Yuzu + Finger Lime Margarita

1 Yuzu + Finger Lime Collagen Elixir sachet
50ml Tequila
50 ml Cointreau
50ml Cold Water
Dehydrated Lime

1. Add tequila, Cointreau, water and Yuzu + Finger Lime Collagen Elixir sachet to a shaker.
2. Shake well to dissolve and combine.
3. Add ice to glass and pour mixture over ice. 
3. Garnish with dehydrated lime and enjoy! 

To make a Frozen Margarita, simply add ingredients to the blender with one cup of ice and blend until smooth.