A Guide to Clean Beauty

A Guide to Clean Beauty

We believe that when it comes to skincare, you should always feel comfortable to ask questions about ingredients, performance, where and how your skincare was made. Dedicated to finding the answers to these questions, clean beauty shifts away from normalized beauty practices and offers a mindful, transparent approach to skincare…but what does that mean for you and your wellbeing? We’re here to break down what clean beauty is all about.

Why Clean Beauty Matters 
At its core, clean beauty is transparent and universally responsible. Clean beauty products are made from safe, non-toxic ingredients that have no suspected harm to your health.

While eliminating toxins might sound like an essential on the modern customer’s checklist, unfortunately, the choice (and skincare labels’ responsibility) hasn’t always been so clear. After decades of setting unattainable beauty standards and promising magical results with very little transparency, leading beauty brands have been challenged by customers to simply do better. To replace harsh chemicals with innovative solutions and caring ingredients, and to replace “miracle cures” with realistic results. 

How Clean Beauty Looks After You & Your Skin
Here at Habitual Beauty, we like to think of clean beauty as “beauty beyond the surface”. It’s honest about its performance, effects and first and foremost – its ingredients. This openness is dedicated to helping you navigate the maze of skincare products, while encouraging you to ask questions and learn all about your unique skin type. 

How does this affect you and your surroundings? Most importantly, clean beauty products never contain toxic elements that could provide momentary results at the cost of your well-being. Alongside human health, clean beauty products also consider environmental health by looking to sustainable and plant-based ingredients rather than toxins.

Switching to Clean Products
Identifying the right and not-so-right beauty products for your individual skin type is a journey in itself, so you might be wondering whether looking for clean alternatives will make things more difficult. Just like everything, learning more about clean beauty and staying conscious about your skincare will become an easy habit (and a great one if you ask us!).

Never pressure yourself:
You don’t have to turn your skincare routine upside down. Switch to clean products at your own pace…and if you are not sure where to start, we usually recommend looking at moisturisers, serums and anything that might stay on your skin for a longer period of time.

Look out for greenwashing:
With the popularity of clean beauty came the idea of greenwashing. Don’t settle for seeing the words “organic” and “green” – always take a moment to look through the ingredients.

Make clean skincare a habit:
Think of skincare as a life-long investment, one that looks out for you for years to come. Before making a new purchase, try and read through product reviews, ingredient breakdowns and anything else that will help you make an informed decision.

What “Clean” Means for Habitual Beauty
Clean for Habitual Beauty is non-toxic, science-backed, transparent and effective. Our innovative formulas are completely free from parabens, PEGs, synthetic fragrance, mineral oils, silicones, phthalates, sulfates and artificial colours, and instead utilise natural, active ingredients with proven benefits.

Pairing that with calming and caring rituals centred around building your confidence and making you feel beautiful, Habitual Beauty celebrates a modern sense of wellness.