Rose Quartz Facial Roller
Rose Quartz Facial Roller

Rose Quartz Facial Roller

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The Rose Quartz Facial Roller helps to facilitate a do-it-yourself-lymphatic drainage massage/facial. A soothing and relaxing massage tool used with gentle but effective rolling motions helps to reduce the appearance of puffiness, fine lines and wrinkles.
Read about Cultural Appropriation
Cultural Appropriation

We acknowledge the Gua Sha is an ancient technique and tool which has been part of traditional Chinese medicine and healing for thousands of years. In recent years, the tool’s popularity has increased and has garnered ‘cult beauty’ status globally, but we have certainly not forgotten the gua sha’s origins.

Gua Sha translates to ‘to scrape sand’ - ‘sand’ referring to the sand-like bruise which can result from the scraping of the skin. The practise was originally used medicinally to treat heat stroke and seasonal colds, and often using whatever was on hand - a soup spoon, coin and even an animal bone. The practise stems from the Eastern belief of yin and yang, where a healthy body is one that is balanced, and disease and ill-health is often associated with imbalance. The gua sha was used to restore stability by releasing the appropriate energy (qi or chi), whether that be excess cold or toxic heat.

We are in the process of aligning Habitual Beauty with a charity, where with each Beauty Tool sale, we’ll donate a portion of the profit. We’ll keep you updated on this partnership.

1. Start on the right side of the face and roll one half of your face completely before starting the other side.

2. Placing the large end of the Rose Quartz Facial Roller on the middle of your chin, apply soft to medium pressure and roll it up towards your ear. Repeat 5 - 10 times and gradually move the roller upwards on the cheek.

3. Move the Facial Roller up to the nose and roll from the edge of the nose out towards the ears horizontally. Repeat 5 - 10 times.

4. Using the small end of the Facial Roller, place it in the inner corner of the nose, just below the eye, and roll out toward the temples very gently. 

5. Place the large end of the Facial Roller on to the eyebrows, and roll outwards, ending at the temples.

6. Using the large end of the Facial Roller, roll from the eyebrows upwards to the hairline, moving across the forehead, after 5-10 gliding motions in each line. 

7. Move onto rolling the middle of the forehead vertically up towards the hairline. Repeat 5 - 10 times.

8. Move onto the left side of your face, following the same directions. 

1. We encourage use of your Facial Roller during your skincare ritual to allow for a deeper product penetration.

2. To further aid in depuffing, place your facial roller in the fridge or freezer before use. 

3. Always use the Facial Roller in an upwards, not downwards, motion. We want our skin to counteract gravity and the downward pull of ageing and sagging.’

4. Be mindful to clean your Facial Roller regularly and avoid rolling over areas of inflammation, break outs, acne, dermatitis or broken skin.

Can be used daily.

The morning provides an opportunity to wake up the face, depuff and energise the skin. An evening facial massage is an opportunity to aid relaxation and relieve muscle tension after a busy day.

For a pre event pick me up massage the Hydrating Sleep Mask in using the Rose Quartz Roller. Leave on for 5-10 minutes and remove. Follow with serums and moisturiser.

• Promotes circulation
• Aids in penetration of facial serums and oils
• Encourages skin cell rejuvenation
• Stimulates the lymphatic system
• Helps to reduce puffiness, especially under eyes
• Helps to reduce water retention
• Helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles

Please take care when opening your Facial Roller packaging. Each individual Facial Roller is checked for quality before leaving our warehouse. However, the item may move around in transport and as such needs to be carefully opened when received.

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